COVID 19 Policy

Covid-19 compliance procedure

Doorstep delivery:

For orders requiring doorstep delivery a day and time will be arranged. Upon arrival at the property the order will be placed near the door following sanitisation of hands. Contact shall be made by ringing doorbell/knocking on the door. Mrs Button will then step back a minimum of 2m and leave once the customer has come to the door to collect and check they are happy with their order.

Collection of orders:

For customers who wish to collect their order this must be done by arranging a day and time to do so. The customer will ring the doorbell and step back at least 2m. Mrs Button will open the door, place customers order on the doorstep and step back at least 2m then invite the customer to pick up and check they are happy with their order.


Online payment is preferred, however for those who would rather pay in cash it is accepted but the correct money only, no change is given, and must be placed in an envelope. For orders that are delivered the envelope containing the correct amount should placed on doorstep when picking up the order. For orders being collected the envelope containing the correct money should be placed on the doorstep by the customer prior to ringing the doorbell. In both situations once the customer has picked up their order and stepped back at least 2m Mrs Button will pick up the envelope.

Mrs Button will sanitise her hands before and after handling both order and any envelopes containing cash. After handling cash Mrs Button will wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

Revised July 2021