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Dairy free chocolates

Mrs Button's chocolates has a new range of products made using dairy and soya free chocolate*. They are also vegan. Seasonal chocolates are available in this chocolate, as well as a number of stock items which includes:

 Selection of lolipops,

 Luxury hot chocolate sticks (with or without marshamllows),

 After dinner chocoalte sticks - in peppermint or orange flavour

 Chocolate buttons,

 Chocolate bars:-


      Flavoured with raspberry and topped with raspberry crumble,

      Flavoured with orange,

      Fruit & Nut.


Please note:

The equipment used to make these chocolates is the same as the dairy containing chocolate that is used. Whilst all equipment is thoroughly washed between batches, Mrs Button's Chocolates cannot guarantee that no trace remains.

Dairy free chocolate is more epensive to purchase than regular chocolate so these products cost approximatley 15% more than their dairy equivalents.

*Specification of dairy free chocolate: Cocoa solids [65%], cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cane sugar, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).