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Truffles are available in 2's, 6's, 12's or 24's. Made using fresh cream with no preservatives or additives these truffles need to be kept refrigerated and have a 2 week shelf life. They are presented in silver/orange boxes. Prices start from £2 - £24


White chocolate

  - A creamy white ganache coated in white chocolate, finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate.



Milk chocolate

 - A smooth, rich milk chocolate ganache coated in milk chocolate, drizzled with dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate

 - A smooth slightly bitter dark chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate finished with a drizzle of milk chocolate.




 - Coffee essence is infused into a milk/dark chocolate ganache which is then coated in milk chocolate and topped with a mocha chocolate bean.




- Raspberrry essential oil is infused into a choice of white chocolate OR dark chocolate ganache. Topped with a sprinkle of freeze dried raspberry crumble.




- Lime essential oil is infused in a milk chocolate ganache with crushed pistachio nuts, coated in milk chocolate. Topped with crushed pistachio nuts.



Amaretto (60% vol)

 - A white chocolate ganache with amaretto spirit featuring almond aroma, vanilla and caramelized sugar, coated with white chocolate.



Marc de Champagne (60% vol)

-  Marc de Champagne infused white chocolate ganache coated with white chocolate and finished with silver sprinkles.



Cointreau (60% vol)  -  A spirit made from sweet and bitter orange peels, inflused into milk/dark chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate finished with an orange chocolate curl.



Rum (27% vol)

- A milk/dark chocolate ganche with rum based spirit coated in dark chocolate finished with a gold power spray.



Salted caramel

- caramel flavour is added to a milk chocolate ganache, coated in the same chocolate finished with a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt.



Kirsch cherry

- kirsch brandy flavoured milk/dark chocolate ganache coated in dark chocolate finished with crished sour cherry.